Antlink's Princes of the Apocalypse

Temp 171116
Notes for GM


+1 ACID 15GP

1,100 Copper
10 Electrum

290 Silver
80 Gold

7 lbs. of silver trade bars (35 gp)
onyx-framed small mirror worth 25gp
exotic wood small bracelet worth 25gp MEETING ROOM
polished wood figurine worth 25gp MEETING

Party Loot
A bag of holding for your campaign.

Once shared five ways 436 gp each

Current Loot LmoP


  • 0 pp
  • 177 gp
  • 269 ep
  • 1270 sp
  • 2225 cp

Art & Misc
Belt pouch
Small coffer
Studded leather armour
Shortsword and scabbard
Leather bag
Bone scroll tube
carved bone-framed small mirror worth 25gp
onyx pitcher worth 25gp
silk mask with silver thread worth 25gp
1 bottle(s) of common wine (0.2 gp)
1 gallon(s) of ale (0.2 gp)
2 lbs. of exotic spices (30 gp)
7 bottle(s) of common wine (1.4 gp)
14 gallon(s) of ale (2.8 gp)
Chalice 150gp
Plate 60gp
Censer 120gp
Spears x5
longswords x4

5 hematite worth 10 gp each
3 lapis lazuli worth 10 gp each

10 Potions of Healing

Scroll of augury
Scroll of charm person
Scroll of Fireball
Scroll of Silence
Scroll of Revivify

Magic Items
Warhammer +1 called “Talon”
Ring of Protection
Wings of Wind Fan
Magic Pan Flute of Summon Jeweler
Repair +1 has decorations of black iron and chased fire motifs.

Waterproof sack
5 dirty but intact scarlet cloaks
Platinum signet ring of house Ghesar 50gp
Iron key to Tresendar cellar
Treasure chest from wyvern tor

Loot lost to dragon
Most of Tar-Get’s starting items.

Loot from Lance Rock

165 SP
76 GP

Food, Drink, Supplies, Clothes and bedding

4x diamonds (50gp each)

1x glowing sphere
1x wand of Magic Missle

Fifth session

We join the party again at the cavernous hole that was once home to a clan of Orcs and an Ogre. They are sailing, in a boat, when suddenly they hear shouting at the front entrance. Looks like more orcs were attracted by the scent of the fresh sea air (whichTar claimed smelled like Ogre farts).
Unfortunately they seemed to impale themselves upon our weapons and so we moved onwards down a little curious pathway (a bit of a side line, but Ash is always wanting to visit new places). There was a circus in town! Led by an amazing magician who it was said could raise the whole family. Unfortunately he didn’t have a lion tamer, and TigerAsh wasn’t very impressed by this. So he had to die, along with all the zombies.
Later on Droop led us nothward, ever northward, until we met the river (was a nice river, but it was running away, could have been Aslan, all that armor makes one sweaty….holds nose). We followed it to a little green town. Quite quaint. We were met by an unusual man, he claimed to be an associate of Tar’s . He was slightly green (I assume with envy since Tar seemed to claim the town was his). and decided he would lead us astray.
We all saw through it, all except for Tar….. Northerners… It seems this “Snow” may have addled him.
We moved around the town and found it infested with more undead, slightly different to what we saw at the circus. The place had been blighted somehow, enough to bend and break nature to create little twig devils.
One house had been claimed by a Druid who explained to us about the Dragon, the blight and the town itself. He gratefully showed us how to get to Castle cragmaw.
Since we were close to Neverwinter, we decided to restock there and head straight to the castle.

Loot from old owl well
Leather bag
1 pearl 100gp each
1 potion of healing
Bone scroll tube
tiny jeweled box 25gp
Magic Ring
Bone wings of flying?
Magic Pan Flute

Loot from Ruins of Thundertree
Studded leather armour
Shortsword and scabbard
1 Potion of healing
Belt pouch
small coffer
3 diamonds 100gp each

Fourth Session

Story needs doing.


IOU from Sildar (finding Iarno Albrek) 200gp

Waterproof sack
Potion of Healing
Potion of invisibility used by Tar

2x garnets 10gp each
5 dirty but intact scarlet cloaks
Platinum signet ring of house Ghesar 50gp
eye patch made of black leather set with semiprecious stones 50gp
Iron key to Tresendar cellar
Potion of Storm giant 29 str for 1min duration used by Feng Garog
gold earring set with tiny ruby 50gp

Treasure chest from wyvern tor
3 vials of perfume 10gp each

Third Session

Suddenly Ash has a flash back to a past event. But it all seems too real….

The Party forms at a tavern in Neverwinter
Ash, Aslan and the cook Feng all get hired by Gundren Rockseeker to guard his supplies on the way to Phandalin. Gundren then sets off with the last person in the tavern Sildar Hallwinter on the day with the Party and supplies setting off the day after.

The party gets Ambushed by 4 Goblins a few hours after Leaving The High Road on Triboar Trail. They defeat 3 of the Goblins and capture the last one. Finding the corpses of Gundren and Sildars horses. The party the follows the Goblin to Cragmaw Hideout.

Within cragmaw there are many goblins all vying to become leader of their band. The party proves stronger and manages to restore Sildar to some form of health. Later we were ambushed again by water flooding the tunnels.
After re-grouping we took down a Hobgoblin called Krag. Prodding for information gave us nothing. He was taken to the authorities in town.

Something something

After amusing a little pip in the tavern for a short while, we discovered a secret door (see above) and took this option to find out what has been happening with the red brands in town. We discovered an evil beast lurking in the cravas formed by the degredation of the foundations, possibly an earthquake. After that the secret doors to Glass staff’s private chambers were found.

3 Gold teeth 1gp each
2 Potions of Healing
Jade frog with golden orbs for eyes 40gp

30 beaver pelts 2gp each
5 malachite gems 15gp
2 Potions of Healing
scroll of augury
Warhammer +1 called “Talon”
5 carnelians 10gp each
2 peridots 15gp each
1 pearl 100gp each
Scroll of charm person
Scroll of Fireball
Staff of Defense

Second session

Bears and Bandits
On the trail of Bandits in the local area provided by Constable Harburk, the party sets off down Cairn Road, after saying good day to some passing Shepherds, the party hears the sounds of people sharping swords, after investigating they find a camp of 4 Bandits with a caged Black Bear, Ghesar frees the Bear who is now more than happy to rip the Bandits apart, Once the bear enacted its revenge on its captives it moves off into the wildness leaving behind the Bandits bodies and loot.
On leaving the area and heading back to Cairns Road the party spots a skull pinned to a tree by a black arrow, on further investigation by Ashkii Elsu (Ash) the black arrow is bound in Black parchment (dryed human skin) the text of reads ‘The Last Laugh, You’ll be next! Valklondar’. The arrow was then removed by Ghesar who then tossed it aside to only have Neko pick it up and keep it for herself.

Weapons in total worth up to 100gp (party can decide what weapons they find)
1 Black Arrow
Dryed skin parchment

Tomb of Moving Stones
On return to Red Larch with darkness of night growing close the Party decides to act of the rumour of people sneaking into a hidden tunnel at the back of Waelvur’s Wagonworks. with both Ghesar and Neko hiding in a near by tree Ashkii Elsu (Ash) goes out scouting under the guise of a local house cat, he soon finds a hooded man leave Iimeth’s shop by the back door and quickly disappear in between two of the broken wagons near the back wall of the court yard, Ashkii Elsu (Ash) brings the rest of the party to investigate, they find a path hidden by the wagons that leads to a cave with a stone door, they explore the tomb found beyond the door and manage to set of but not get hit by a trap consisting of many cages hanging from the roof. Ghesar Knocked out the traps and they continued north into a room of bodies being eaten by rats. Further along was a strange room with a floating black of stone in it, this took a little bit of time for the adventurers to get through. Once past this obstacle they came across a room full of bandits dressed in stone masks and robes. They put up a fight but were taken down by the party. In the adjoining room they found an initiate who had failed their initiation. Finally in the last room they came across Larrakh, a powerful mage who believes he can read the stones. The party bravely faced him before Larrakh managed to escape.

Back at town, dragging the initiate and the old man back to the shrine Ashkii Elsu (Ash) questioned the authenticity of the sheriff. This caused considerable chaos and so the town had a witch hunt for those who had infiltrated the gentle community of Red Larch. Imdarr Relvaunder and Lymmura Auldarhk assisted in the protection of the town and party.

6 of green agates 5gp each (30gp)
2 of Polished Moonstones 50gp each (100gp)
A Dagger with star motifs and a night-blue leather grip and the Name Reszur on the daggers pommel
4 Mirabar trade bars found in the same room of moving stones as Larrakh

First Session

The Swining Sword home to Kaylessa Irkell a fortyish sturdy woman who may have worked a little to long in the smoke, she asked the Party to check out Lance Rock and stop whatever is going on down there (lighting bolts, the smell of death, etc.)

The Party heads to Lance rock and finds a bunch of Zombies some of who are dressed in costume to what we would guess is to amuse the Lord of Lance Rock an twenty something year old man found near the back of the cave of Lance Rock casting powerful Necrotic spells and taunting the Party from behind his undead minions.

The army of undead was a tad to much for the Party to handle and they had back to the Town of Red Larch for more help, after resting in the Swinging Sword overnight first thing in the moring the Party starts asking around the town for help.

A drunken Halfling called Stannor Thistlehair does not provide help but after a free drink does provide a rumour of strange going on’s at his workplace of Waelvur’s Wagonworks.

The second place they ask for help in is Ironhead Arms, where they find a rather pleasant Half-Orc named Vang who is the sole owner and provides affordable gear, supplies and blacksmith works. After hearing about the Partys plea for help with Lance Rock he offers his sword for hire as it’s been a long time seance his adventuring days as a caravan guard.

With their new ally the Party sets off back to Lance Rock to find a small army guarding the entrance and after that is dispatched the Party finds the very back of the cave hiding a less bold Lord of Lance Rock…

Loot from Lance Rock
165 SP
76 GP
Food, Drink, Supplies, Clothes and bedding
4x diamonds (50gp each)
1x glowing sphere
1x wand of Magic Missle


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