Antlink's Princes of the Apocalypse

Party Loot

A bag of holding for your campaign.

Once shared five ways 436 gp each

Current Loot LmoP


  • 0 pp
  • 177 gp
  • 269 ep
  • 1270 sp
  • 2225 cp

Art & Misc
Belt pouch
Small coffer
Studded leather armour
Shortsword and scabbard
Leather bag
Bone scroll tube
carved bone-framed small mirror worth 25gp
onyx pitcher worth 25gp
silk mask with silver thread worth 25gp
1 bottle(s) of common wine (0.2 gp)
1 gallon(s) of ale (0.2 gp)
2 lbs. of exotic spices (30 gp)
7 bottle(s) of common wine (1.4 gp)
14 gallon(s) of ale (2.8 gp)
Chalice 150gp
Plate 60gp
Censer 120gp
Spears x5
longswords x4

5 hematite worth 10 gp each
3 lapis lazuli worth 10 gp each

10 Potions of Healing

Scroll of augury
Scroll of charm person
Scroll of Fireball
Scroll of Silence
Scroll of Revivify

Magic Items
Warhammer +1 called “Talon”
Ring of Protection
Wings of Wind Fan
Magic Pan Flute of Summon Jeweler
Repair +1 has decorations of black iron and chased fire motifs.

Waterproof sack
5 dirty but intact scarlet cloaks
Platinum signet ring of house Ghesar 50gp
Iron key to Tresendar cellar
Treasure chest from wyvern tor

Loot lost to dragon
Most of Tar-Get’s starting items.

Loot from Lance Rock

165 SP
76 GP

Food, Drink, Supplies, Clothes and bedding

4x diamonds (50gp each)

1x glowing sphere
1x wand of Magic Missle


Antlink Antlink

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