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Downtime Activities PHB 187 DMG 128

Maintaining a Lifestyle
If you don’t want to get a job, you must spend your accumulated wealth on day-to-day living. What, did you think the small town of Porklett has a safety net? On taxes accumulated from peasants? Gods, and I thougt I had a low Intelligence.
Anyway, a modest lifestyle costs 1 gp a day for food, clothing, rent, etc. Other lifestyles can be found in the Basic Rules
Crafting Non-Magical Items
Can craft 5gp worth of items per day
Can instead make progress towards a more expensive item. The item takes a number of days to craft equal to one fifth its full listed price in gold peices (aka, its full listed price divided by 5).
Must also find and consume components with a total value equal to half the full listed price
A suit of full plate armor costs 1,500 gp, so it takes 300 days to make and requires materials with a total value of 750 gp
You can find a list of poisons here:
You can find a list of Renaissance, Modern, and Futuristic weapons here:
Practicing a Profession
By getting a job, you can maintain a modest lifestyle without having to pay 1 gp a day. The money you earn at your job pays for food, drink, clothing, rent, etc.
Being a member of a powerful organization (guild, temple) lets you earn enough to support a comfortable lifestyle, and proficiency in the Performance skill lets you earn enough for a wealthy lifestyle.
You can use downtime to recover from a debilitating illness, poison, or case of the sniffles.
I can’t be bothered to post every bloody bit of rules. Look the mechanics up yourself.
Go to the library and read a book (nerd), or gather rumors at the local pub. The DM determines whether the info you seek is available, how long it takes to find it, and if you have to make any ability checks.
Educate yourself! Become proficient with a new language or set of tools with this new 250-day course! For the low, low price of 250 gold, you too can perfectly imitate dying cats on a set of bagpipes, or speak to the only gnome left in existence after your party killed all the others!
Build a Stronghold
I’m really tired from working on my projects for university. I’m not going to type this out. Here’s the link:
Go get your character shitfaced. Go on. You know they want to. Adventuring is tough work, and they deserve a break.
As in, really tired.

Alchemy Tools – Potions that mimic magic and magical effects
Brewery Tools – Teas and spirits that modify the body’s defenses and senses
Calligraphy Tools – Scrolls that modify magic, and identify and detect dangerous threats
Tinkering Tools – Mechanical and magical creations of utility
Herbalism Kit – Herbs that modify and mimic class and skill features
Poisoner’s Kit – A catch-all for venom, oils, and poisons that are typically used offensively

Practicing a Profession




Performing Sacred Rites
Spend 10 days downtime to gain Inspiration at the start of the next 2d6 days.

Rules Master List

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